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MG3000 Wifi Setup Printer

Step by Step Solution for Canon Pixma MG3000 Series Setup & installation

Canon MG3000 Printer Wireless Setup Installation

Canon® Pixma MG3000 is one of the most popular Canon® products. This printer can be the finest choice for home-users and small businesses. The size of the weight of Canon® MG3000 makes is best for every purpose.

Canon MG3000 Series Wireless Setup

After inspecting the printer; you need to download and install the printer driver. There are two Canon® Com IJSetup are available for MG3000. If you have Windows OS; you have to download MP drivers. For Mac devices, you will require a CUPS driver. The device driver communicated with your printer.

Canon Pixma MG 3000 Installation (driver installation)

For Windows
  1. If you have a DVD drive; go for a CD installation.
  2. Insert the CD on the DVD drive
  3. Wait until the setup page appears on the screen
  4. Double-click on .exe file
  5. Follow the on-screen commands
  6. Terms and agreement window will appear on the screen
  7. Hit the agree and install button
  8. Hit the next button
  9. Install prompt will appear on your screen
  10. Choose the connection type (wireless)
  11. Hit the Ok button
  12. In case, you lost the CD or you don't have a CD-drive then you can download and install the setup from the internet.
For Mac

New models of Mac devices have built-in specifications where you don't have to install the printer driver. In case, you don't have a built-in printer driver then you can go for CD installation (make sure you have a CD drive). If your Mac device doesn't support CD installation then you can download and install the setup from the internet.

  1. Open you Mac device
  2. Go to your net browser
  3. Search for Http Canon® com IJSetup MG3000 Series
  4. You will be redirected to a download setup page
  5. Hit the download setup button
  6. Choose Mac from OS list
  7. Select your printer model
  8. Hit the download button
  9. Wait for completing the download process
  10. Double-click on the setup file
  11. A confirmation prompt will appear on the screen
  12. Hit the yes button
  13. Enter the device credentials for resuming the installation process
  14. Follow on-screen instruction
  15. Click on OK button
  16. Hit the next button
  17. Click on Finish for completing the installation process

Canon MG3000 Wi-Fi Setup

If you want to set up your printer for Wi-Fi printing then make sure your router device has a WPS button and your internet connection is WPA or WPA2 secured.

  1. Turn on your Canon® Pixma printer
  2. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button until the lamp glows
  3. You will notice a blue light next to the Wi-Fi button
  4. Now press the WPS button immediately for making your router available for your printer
  5. The Wi-Fi light flashes until it finds the access the network
  6. The light will stop blinking when the connection gets established which means Canon® MG3000 Setup Wi-Fi is completed.

How to the printer with Canon MG3000?

  1. Turn on your computer
  2. Turn on your printer
  3. Make sure you have installed correct device driver on your computer
  4. Go to the File menu
  5. Select print
  6. Click on your printer model
  7. Go to preferences
  8. Click on your preference
  9. Insert paper sheets on the input tray
  10. Now open the documents for which you want to take a printout
  11. Choose additional features like media type, page size, font, number of copies, etc
  12. Choose print quality
  13. Hit the Ok button

You will get the printout of your required page but if you seek any Canon MG3000 error then ask for technical support.

Troubleshooting Canon Printer errors

Paper Jams

Paper jams usually when some kind of junk stuck inside your printer. If you are facing paper jam error then take out the input tray and check for the paper chunk or another kind of junk. Remove the junk from the printer and try to take a printout. If your printer is still showing paper jam then you should check the printer roller. Sometimes paper rollers also cause paper jams when they draw two papers simultaneously. Set the paper tray correctly and restart your printer. Now check whether your error gets resolved or not.

Fade Printing

Whenever you get fade printouts; check the ink cartridges. Fade print means you are running out of ink. You will also notice low ink warning on your screen. If the ink level is low then change the ink cartridges. You can also refill your cartridges. But don't refill the cartridge by yourself. It can be dangerous as if the ink leaks; it can damage your printer. You can also get fade printouts when the ink inside the cartridge dried up.

If you are facing any error while using your Canon MG3000 printer; contact Canon support for help.

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