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Step by Step for Canon Pixma MG2920 Wireless Printer Setup

Wireless Setup Installation

Canon® offers a wide range of printers. One of the top models on Canon® printers is Canon® printer MG2920. Canon® Pixma is an all-in-one wireless printer that can print, fax, and scan easily. It supports wireless printing that means you can easily take printouts from various devices.

Canon MG2920 Setup

You will require a printer device driver for taking printouts from your Canon® device. The printer driver is a communication bridge between the Canon® printer and your computer. You will get the printer driver on the CD-ROM you get along with your printer.

Canon Pixma MG2920 install for Windows

If your device allows CD installation then you can easily copy the setup from the CD-ROM and then install it. In case, you don't have a CD-ROM or CD-Drive then you have to install the setup from the internet. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Search for Canon® printer driver
  3. A download page will appear on the screen
  4. Click on the download setup button
  5. List of Canon® printer model will appear on the screen
  6. Choose your printer model (make sure you are selecting the right printer model)
  7. Hit on next button
  8. The setup will start downloading on your device
  9. Wait for completing the download process
  10. Now go to your downloads
  11. Double-click on the setup to run
  12. Follow the on-screen commands
  13. You will get a terms and agreement page on your screen
  14. Hit the agree and install button
  15. Click on the continue button
  16. Hit the next button
  17. Wait for complete installation
  18. Hit the Finish button

Now take a test printout for ensuring that you have established the connection successfully.

Pixma MG2920 setup for Mac

The latest Mac devices don't support CD installation. New Mac devices have built-in drivers for Canon® printer so you don't have to download the driver on them. In case, you are using an older version of Mac then you can download the driver from the internet. Some models of Mac also support CD installation. If you have a CD then copy the setup on your system and install it. Steps for installing the setup in Mac device:

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Search for Canon® setup for Mac
  3. A download page will appear on the screen
  4. Hit the download button
  5. Choose setup for Mac device
  6. Click on download button
  7. Wait for completing the download process
  8. Double-click the downloaded file for running the installation
  9. Enter your device credentials
  10. Read the terms and agreement page
  11. Hit the agree and install button
  12. Click on Next button
  13. Click on the Finish button for completing the installation process.

Pixma MG2920 Wireless Setup Mac

Canon® Pixma offers wireless printing where you can easily take prints from your various gadgets like Smartphones, laptops, etc. Follow the steps mentioned below for Canon® MG2920 wireless setup:

  1. Connect your printer to the power source via power cord
  2. Press the power button until the printer gets turn on
  3. Connect the printer to your printer with a USB cable
  4. Go to wireless LAN setup
  5. Click on wireless connect option
  6. Hit the next button
  7. Click on Yes
  8. Hit the OK button
  9. Your printer will start searching for nearby networks
  10. A list of networks will appear on your screen
  11. Choose your network
  12. Enter the required password
  13. The wireless setup has been established successfully

How to connect Canon MG2920 to Wi-Fi?

Canon® Pixma also offers you a Wi-Fi printing option. Follow the steps mentioned below to connect Canon® Pixma to Wi-Fi:

  1. Download a compatible printer driver for MG2920 on your device
  2. A user account control box will pop-up on your screen
  3. Hit the yes button
  4. Click on next button
  5. Now choose Wireless LAN connection
  6. Click on Access Point Connection
  7. Click on wireless LAN connection method page
  8. A list will appear on the screen
  9. Click on printer could not be found
  10. Select wireless setup on setup procedure selection screen
  11. Follow the on-screen commands
  12. Hit the finish button

Now try to take a printout for ensuring that you Canon® MG2920 connect to Wi-Fi successfully.

Mobile printing with Canon® Pixma MG2920

Canon® Pixma is a wireless and multifunctional printer. With the MG2920 Wi-Fi setup; you can take printouts from your mobile devices. Here are the steps for setting up Mobile printing for your Android device:

  1. Turn on your printer
  2. Press the Wi-Fi button
  3. Visit Google Play Store
  4. Download and install the Canon® print app
  5. Open the application
  6. Go to add printer
  7. Register your printer
  8. Choose wireless router from the setup option
  9. Now detach your printer with your device
  10. Search your device via a network
  11. Click on the printer name from the network list
  12. Now take a test printout for assuring that your printer is running well.

Canon AirPrint Setup

If you want to take the print from your iOS device then you have to install AirPrint. Visit your Apple store and download AirPrint. After installation; open your Wi-Fi and search for your printer. Check the Pixma MG2920 Wi-Fi setup. Click on the printer's name from the network list. Now you can print easily with your iOS devices.

Canon® printer provides robust functionality and best Canon® Pixma Utilities. If you seek any kind of help; contact Canon® technical support.

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