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Step by Step for Canon Wireless Printer Setup

Guidebook for Canon Printer Setup

In the world of imaging devices; Canon® is a well-known name. Canon® is a Japanese multinational industry that offers a large number of imaging gadgets from cameras, medical imaging devices to IT devices. In printers, Canon® is best known for providing good-speed printers. Canon® laser printers can be the best choice for home users as well as for small companies. Canon® also provides big printing machines for large industries.

Unboxing your Canon printer

How to connect to Canon Printer?

For taking printouts, you need to connect your computer/laptop to the printer. But just connecting your printer with the computer is not enough. You need to download and install the printer driver on your computer that acts as a communication bridge between your printer and your computer.

Steps to download Printer Setup Wizard:

You have to download the Canon® set up according to your OS and printer model. Every printer model has a different device driver. Make sure you are downloading the correct driver.

  1. Visit Canon® com set up
  2. Search for the printer driver
  3. Choose your printer model from the list
  4. Click on the download setup button
  5. Wait for completing the download process
  6. Once the setup gets downloaded, proceed to install.
After 123 HP® Com DG3630 install, you can use Ethernet, USB, or Wi-Fi for connecting the printer to the network.

How to setup Canon Printer? (Driver Installation)

The printer setup is necessary for communication between printer and computer. You can install the setup from the internet or by the CD provided with your printer.

Steps for Setting up Pixma Printer for Windows

  1. If you are using a device that has a CD-drive then you can easily copy the setup and install it. Before installation the driver; power off your printer.
  2. Insert Canon® setup CD on CD-drive
  3. Wait until the setup page appears on your screen
  4. Double-click on it to run the setup
  5. Click on Msetup4.exe
  6. Tap the continue button
  7. Hit on easy install (make sure your device is compatible with your printer)
  8. Terms and agreement page will appear on the screen
  9. Read the terms and hit the agree and install button
  10. Setup method will appear on your screen
  11. Click on the USB connection type
  12. Connect to Canon® Printer via USB cable
  13. Now turn on your printer
  14. Wait for completing the setup process
  15. A user registration screen will appear
  16. Hit the next button
  17. Click on the finish button

Canon Driver installation for Mac Device

For the latest Mac computers; you can't do CD installation as they don't support CD drive. Most new Mac devices have built-in Canon® printer drivers. But if you are using an old Mac device with a DVD drive then you can copy and install the setup from CD-ROM.

  1. Insert CD on your device's CD-drive
  2. Go to Applications folder with the help of Mac finder
  3. Click the utility folder
  4. Go to Disk file
  5. From the menu bar, go to file tab
  6. Select Open Disk Image
  7. A list will appear on your screen
  8. Click on ISO disk image
  9. Hit the select button
  10. Select the place to save the setup

Now search for .dmg file on your device and run the file for completing the installation process. In case, your Mac device doesn't have a built-in setup and you have lost your setup CD then you can also install the setup from the internet.

How do you connect your phone to a Canon printer?

Canon® printer also provides you mobile printing facility. If your Canon® printer not connecting with phone devices via USB cable then you can easily take printouts from your Android as well as iOS devices with Canon® Wireless printer setup.

Google Cloud print

  1. Log in to your Google account on a device (phone) from which you want to print (make sure your printer model supports Google Cloud print)
  2. Make sure you have an A4 sheet on your printer's paper tray
  3. Connect your Canon® printer to the same network via the router in which you have connected your Android device
  4. Now register to Google Cloud Print
  5. Click on the setup
  6. Go to web service setup
  7. Hit the OK button
  8. Click on Web service connection
  9. Hit the OK button
  10. Click on Google cloud print
  11. Hit the OK button
  12. A prompt will appear on the screen
  13. Hit the Yes button
  14. Select the language
  15. Click on OK button
  16. Authentication URL will appear on your screen
  17. Hit the OK button
  18. Enter the URL on the web browser of your device
  19. Login the account with your credentials
  20. Hit the finish button
  21. A printer setup confirmation will appear on your screen
  22. Hit the OK button
  23. Now you have to add the Canon® printer app on your Smartphone
  24. Download the setup from Google store
  25. Install the setup
  26. The app will find your printer automatically from the network
  27. Open the document you want to print
  28. Click on the print option
  29. Hit the OK button to print the document

Canon® printer supports AirPrint where you can easily take printouts from iOS devices. Ensure that your iOS device and Canon® printer and connected to the same network
  1. Go to the app from where you want to take a print
  2. Click on Forward icon
  3. Click on the print option
  4. Printer option page will appear on the screen
  5. Click on your printer model
  6. You can also add more copies
  7. Hit the Okay button

If you want to take a printout from your desktop devices then you can install the Canon® Printer app for computer and then take printouts easily. If you are getting any kind of errors while using the Canon® printer then talk to Canon® technical support immediately.

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